Ninja Warrior - The Extreme War

So, you are looking for trouble. Well, that’s what we are exactly selling. Welcome to Ninja Warrior – The Extreme War, the number one island shooting ninja game on Google Play. This amazing game will take you on an adventurous yet dangerous journey where you will kill criminals and mobs for fun. Aim, point, and shoot – the mantra of the game. Best Download game for Android.

Aim Shoot Kill

Ninja Warrior Features

Ninja Warrior – The Extreme War is all about shooting the mobs with stealth and accuracy. You will play as a ninja warrior with a crossbow. The mobs on the island are highly equipped with the modern weaponry, so, you have to use your ninja skills and accuracy to finish them off one-by-one. There are a total of 30 challenging stages to complete, and soon there will be more.

Ninja Warrior – The Extreme War is a 3D ninja game with beautiful graphics and animation. This ninja game is based on sniper and assassin style mobile gaming and will take you to various landscapes and beautiful places but all these places are tainted by criminal activities. Make sure to bring peace in the valley. Everyone is counting on you. . Best Ninja game download APK free.


  • Leaderboard
  • Easy to play ninja game
  • 3D Ninja Game with realistic gameplay
  • Zoom-in and Zoom-out
  • Lifelike shooting adventure
  • Detailed Island and mountains
  • Breathtaking HD graphics
  • A complete Ninja Game
  • Crossbow for shooting criminals and mobs

How to Play: Ninja Warrior

  • Open the game and select the stage
  • Press the START bar
  • Tap on the screen to move left and right
  • Tap zoom key on the left side of the screen to get a better shot
  • Squeeze in and squeeze out to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Tap on the fire button on the right to kill the enemies


Ninja Warrior Screenshot

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