Turn your enemies to dust with the ultimate skills and powerful blows. Unrevealed Stories is an epic RPG with an enthralling story and immersive gameplay. Experience the new Hack n Slash game designed exactly the way you wanted.


Play crush-o-mania, a three-match free-to-play fruit-ilicious game. This game is enjoyed by every age-group. Crush the fruits to kill your boredom is the unannounced motto of this game. Experience a new world filled with the sweetest and delicious fruits. Create and use boosters to boost up the score. Engage yourself with this game and compete with your friends.

Drag and match six or more fruits to create boosters. Use different boosters to complete sticky and hard levels. Play this game and go on a fruitful adventurous journey. Indulge yourself with this generation’s crush game. The more fruits you match, the higher the score you get. Connect with Facebook and show off your score to your friends. Drag the fruits in your idle time and get your mind refreshed.

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Ninja Warrior – Extreme Wars will take you to the world of Ninjas. Be a Ninja Hero that you were meant to be and sneak in this immersive and addictive game. The danger is lurking everywhere and only you have the power to eliminate the fiercest enemies.

Face your enemies through various challenging stages and eliminate your enemies with powerful weapons in your arsenal. Live up to your destiny as a hero and save the Ninja world from the bad guys and monsters.

You will find all the tools you need in the game to defeat your enemies. Pick a weapon of choice, train yourself in the training ground and upgrade. Are you up for the challenge? Are you ready to save the world? If Yes, then Hit the Download button.

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