Common WordPress Errors That Can Harm Your Website’s SEO

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WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) platforms which is now contributing to 30% of the existing websites on the internet. WordPress is user-friendly for both, developing and managing the website. Therefore, non-developers or people with low technical knowledge can easily develop and manage a WordPress Website.

However, there is another side to the story as well. We all know that just having a great looking website does not fulfil all the requirements. If you ignore the site errors, it can be harmful to your websites SEO ranking in the search engine results.

Common WordPress Errors

500 Internal Server Error: 500 internal server error arises due to a general HTTP error code. When something is unobvious or wrong with the server, it behaves in an erratic haywire manner. In case you have a problem with images, videos, pdf or anything else, it could be a hardware error. For corruption, you need to check .htaccess, exhausted PHP memory limit, and re-uploading core file in the wp-admin or wp-includes folder from WordPress install.

404 Not Found: Even the slightest mistakes can be the reason for this error. 404 not found error occurs when there is any spelling mistake that produces a bad user experience and results in ranking in search engine results. This error is further categorized into two errors

  • Broken Links: To fix broken links error, there are some tools like screaming frog and Xenu that crawls in the web and fixes them respectively.
  • Non-existent Page: If there is a problem in pages, you can redirect those pages with another related homepage, page and restore them if they were removed.

Crawl Errors: When search engine crawling bots are not able to find their way through the WordPress site, it is reported as crawl errors. It is further divided into two errors like site error and url error. Site error is the reason for DNS timeout or DNS lookup issue and misconfigured robots.txt. Url errors are same as 404 errors and cause Google to run towards the issues like redirects, javascript etc.

502 Bad Gateway: This error happens due to the bad response of a query. This can also happen due to technical or network issues and WordPress plug-in issues.  To overcome this error, you can reload your website, clear browser cache, and temporarily disable the firewall. If still nothing is improving after trying all the techniques, then you can update WordPress theme and plug-ins to solve the issues.

504 Gateway Timeout: This error occurs due to heavy traffic and server overloading. If the site is down for about 10-30 minutes, the crawler will deliver from the cache but if it takes 6-7 hours, then crawler removes it from the top results. To avoid this issue, you can use Server Avatar on your WordPress website. There are many issues that can be the cause of it, such as firewall issue, network connectivity, a slow server, and HTTP timeouts.

Not offering an XML Sitemap: This error occurs when there is no sitemap available on your website as sitemap uses the Url of a webpage. If you have an incorrect URL format, you can replace the old format to a new format.

Tips to Keep the Errors in Check

You can keep the websites SEO good by keeping these errors in check –

  • Always check the code with the validator
  • Never forbid search engines to index your website through CMS
  • Index your website in .htaccess
  • Keep checking your site’s URL in regular intervals so you’ll notice and fix problems fleetly
  • Always submit the site’s sitemaps to Google Search Console.

Bonus Tips to Keep Websites SEO

  • You can conjointly implement caching on your website to assist the website load quicker and enhance its user experience, leading to higher SEO rankings.
  • Your site’s style may also kill its rankings and SEO. A minimal, responsive and mobile-friendly style drives in additional traffic and leads.
  • Never ignore WordPress tags if you wish to play well.
  • The choice of the correct themes and plug-ins will mostly impact the looks and performance of your website.


There are, however, plenty of errors that may crop up your website. Have an effect on the SEO of your WordPress website. It’s vital to keep them under control and negate their impact at the pace. Connect with us for our services & others enquiries.

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