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Common Flaws to Avoid Before and After Mobile Game Launch

By January 13, 2020 January 18th, 2020 No Comments
Mobile game launching

Without a doubt, the game development industry is on the rise and it will grow even more in future. Amazing games are being developed and published by the game development companies or by independent mobile game developers. Keeping the trending subject in mind, it’s important for any developer (whether it’s a company or an individual) to avoid the possible flaws that come before and after mobile game launch. A slight glitch or mishap lead you your game to an undesirable outcome.

Flaws to Avoid Before and After Mobile Game Launch

We have compiled a list of the common mistakes that must be avoided before and after the mobile game launch.

Limited Market Research

Limited market research can limit your entire game development project and it can’t reach to it’s full potential. Therefore, make sure to conduct thorough market research. The success of mobile game development, in general, lies in details. Therefore, work through all game niche such as identifying the requirements, priorities, preferences, and expectations.

No Beta-testing

Launching a game without a beta-testing is a mistake. The untested games sometimes have flaws and these flaws can affect the initial impression. Therefore, always conduct a beta-testing program and get the initial response from the users. If everything is good, launch the game. Furthermore, beta-testing is one of the best possible ways to find out about the reaction of the targeted audience. There are two ways to conduct beta testing –

  1. Private Beta Launch
  2. Public Beta Launch

Handling Content Marketing Poorly

Content marketing can make a difference depending upon the quality of content marketing. Poor content marketing obviously gives you less reach which indirectly affects the number of downloads. Therefore, a powerful marketing strategy is required if you want large scale user engagement. Adopt a powerful marketing strategy and will work like magic.

Ignoring Reviews

Ignoring reviews is the worst mistake a game developer can do. You may ask why? Because the game reviews by users is a great asset for the future of the game. These reviews allow you to find out about what the players think about the game. If the game is good they’ll appreciate it and if it needs some fixing, you will get to know. Players can also rate your game on the App Store.

No Regular Updates

Never leave your game just like that on the App store. Your game needs regular updates and improvements. Therefore, no random updates whenever you want to. Weekly-monthly events, special items, and special offers keep users engaged in the game. You can always utilise user reviews on the game to know what they appreciate and what they do not.

Bad Customer Support Services

Nobody likes bad customer support services or no customer services at all. The same rule applies to games. The successful games are successful because they listen to the users on time and fix the problem as soon as possible. Players love it when their problems get fixed on their favourite game. So, always respond to their issues or problem and fix them as soon as possible. There are some people who just appreciate the game, always respond with a good gesture.

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