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Best Practices for Successful iOS Game Development

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Practices for iOS Game Development

Apple App Store is considered as the premium destination for the world’s greatest applications. Nearly half of App store is filled with games of various kinds, some of them are paid and some of them are free to download. Interestingly, the number of mobile gamers is increased dramatically in the recent few years creating a win-win situation for both game developers as well as mobile gamers. So, the question is what practices an IOS game developer use to make such ground-breaking games. Here are the top 5 IOS game development practices to make a successful game.

4 Best iOS Game Development Practices

We are living in a fast-paced world where things come and go and same applied to iOS app development. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are a budding game developer or an experienced one; you have to keep yourself updated with latest trends and techniques. To ease things for you we have 5 best practices for successful IOS game development that you can use. So, let’s begin.

Plan and Distribute Game Content

Be it a PC game, iOS game development or any other project, planning and strategic distribution is a must. Therefore, before getting head on to your game development, plan ahead. Careful planning allows an IOS game developer to achieve optimum success in a set period of time. Furthermore, it helps in cutting extra cost and time with a pre-planned strategy.
If it is a simple game there is not much thinking and planning required. However, if your game is complex, not only you have to plan ahead but also distribute your game different categories, for example, gameplay files, resource files, etc.

Proper Memory Management

Memory management is another aspect that you must keep in mind while developing IOS mobile games. Modern devices nowadays have enough memory to handle a number of apps and games. However, that doesn’t mean that you will load your app with huge MBs on the application. Make sure whatever you are adding in the game is worth adding. For example, PUBG is a huge game when it comes to consuming storage of a device but no one complaining about it. The reason behind it most of the game components included in the game is worthwhile to most users.

Avoid Third-Party Libraries

Third-party libraries are cool but not always. For instance, there are two ways to do things, one is the easy way and the second is the productive way. Generally, game developers choose a simple and easy path for game development. However, you are an IOS game developer, therefore, you need to avoid third party libraries as possible you can. Adopting this practice can lead your game to the top of the chart.

Platform Selection for App Development

Next thing to consider is the platform for iOS game development. You need a perfect game development platform that suits your need and requirements regarding your game. There is a number of game development platforms are available that can help you boost your creativity to the next level. Here are some popular game development platform – GameMaker, LiveCode, and Stencyl.

Expert Advice

To make things easier you can use frameworks, tools and other IOS game development tools to reduce the stress. These game development tools can make your game development smooth and fluid. Softwares like Unity Mobile, Sparrow, iTorque, and Unreal Development Kit can help you in crafting a popular game for iOS.

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