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Best PayTM Cash Earning Apps in 2020

By January 14, 2020 January 31st, 2020 No Comments

The competition in the market is tough these days and every single game developer is trying their best to develop high-quality apps. As of now, we have a huge library of amazing apps on app stores, but that’s not enough to be on the top. Therefore, these game development companies are bringing up new ideas and concepts to attract users and concepts like PayTM cash earning, weekly/monthly competitions, coupons, and so on. These concepts and ideas keep the users hooked for a longer period of time.

Best PayTM Cash Earning Apps in 2020

PayTM is widely popular wallet service in India with thousands of active users. It is one of the popular and widely used wallet services for various purposes. Therefore, it is the first pick among many other apps for most app development companies. Now, let’s talk about how you can earn real money with some PayTM cash earning apps. Here is the list of the most reliable and trusted best Paytm cash earning apps.


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WinApp is an amazing mobile application with awesome mobile games. It is a gaming platform where you will find some really good games that keep you hooked for hours. WinApp is special as it allows players to challenge other players online on various games available on the game. The best thing about this app is that not only it provides fun and entertainment to the players but also real money. WinApp gives 10 rupees on the signup and 10 rupees on every referral. That means you can earn money by referring this game to others using your unique code. In addition, you can also challenge other players and earn real money. Furthermore, players earn money in the form of coins and they can redeem anytime to their PayTM wallet.

Baazi Now

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Baazi Now is a similar app like WinApp and it also hosts various games on its platform. Although it is similar to WinApp, it is based on an entirely different concept. Instead of games, this app has quizzes where you can participate and score the highest. Baazi Now has trivia’s, live quizzes and other amazing stuff and like WinApp, Baazi Now also gives PayTM cash to its players. Players can also earn real money through referrals.

Loco App

App Link –

Loco App is like a little sibling of Baazi Now. As it follows the same concept of quizzes it is very similar to Baazi Now. You can play a variety of quiz games available on Loco App in your free time. Furthermore, you can choose to play quizzes from your favourite categories such as Bollywood, music, history etc.

Go Millionaire

App Link –

Go Millionaire is not so different from Loco App and Baazi Now. This app also has a similar concept of quizzes with a little different flavour.

End Thoughts

There are few other PayTM Cash Earning Apps that you can also try such as- Justplayer, Swoo, and DREAM 11. These games are very good for those people who have lots of spare time because these games give free PayTM cash just for playing games. So, keep playing, keep earning.

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