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Best Mobile App Development in Cost-Effective Technologies

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Best Mobile App Development

In the fast pace world and businesses are always looking for a fresh and off-the-hook idea. Best Mobile app development has certainly proven to be one of the biggest profit-generating sources. Certainly, it is changing the current and driving all the attention to its services.

Google Play, by March, had 2.6 million applications on it that were ready to use. We focus on the holistic approach and that’s the very reason for our success. We have successfully released 6 applications, downloaded and enjoyed worldwide. In this blog, WorkLooper will be explaining the most widely used, most cost-effective mobile app development technologies.

Native Mobile App Development

Native mobile applications are those applications that are designed to function on only specific platforms or devices. These applications support the in-built features and specifications of the device. These applications can only be downloaded through specific sources/stores.

Two Biggest Competitors of These Applications:

  • Android
  • iOS

To understand the true meaning of mobile application development we must go a little in-depth for better clarity.


Almost 80% of the devices are running on Android. Android has been a huge success and has enjoyed a worldwide adaptation. The developers must have a clear knowledge of Java, C++, etc.

Let’s Talk About the Certain Tools That We Use for Android App Development:

  • Android Studio: Launched in 2014, it came as in IDE (Integral Development Environment) facilitating the tools that build Android apps. Java provides the basis of Android app development. One has to write the program in Java. This is further assisted by SDK that helps it to run on our native devices. Android Studio helps to put all these programs under one roof and creating/running the code.
  • Eclipse Studio: This is studio is basically an open-source community and an amalgamation of tools that provides us IDEs for Android apps.
  • Android NDK: Permits coding using C and C++. It’s really beneficial for game engines as it can derive a high-quality performance out of devices.


Even though Android leads the market, but iOS has certainly become a trend and now a necessity for some. With the advent of Swift and Objective-C, iOS app developers can write codes in short lines with an easy programming language, unlike Java that has an ocean-like vast base.

iOS Has Certain Tools for App Development as Well:

  • Apple Xcode: Released in 2003, it has seen any upgrades till now. It is an IDE for Mac OS helping developers in developing apps for iPhone,iPad, etc. Its main attraction is the unimaginable speed.
  • AppCode: It’s one of the fans’ favourites because it is really easy to use, with its smart function. It provides a stupendous support system and is also an IDE, developer-friendly.

A Quick Brief About HTML5 App Development:

  • Reduce complexity.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Supports open standards.
  • Improved capabilities.

Some of the Tools for HTML5 App Development:

  • Gap Debug.
  • BitBucket.

Some of the Cross-Platforms App Development:

  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
  • Kony
  • React Native


Mobile application development is indeed a lengthy process that can be choosy, and really intellectual. Developers need to brainstorm before choosing the right toolkit and the way of developing. Above mentioned were some best cost-effective technologies for mobile app development. Connect with us for our services & others enquiries.

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