Best Android Games for Kids in 2020

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Android Games for Kids

First thing first, mobile phones are not for kids but there but kids deserve the good stuff too. There are hundreds of Fun-to-play games on the internet especially designed for kids (adults can play them as well, no one going to judge you. I Swear). These games are simple and colourful with beautiful music and sound. If you are looking for the best Android games for kids (for little brother, sister, son, daughter etc.) this is the place.

Top Android Games for Kids in 2020

Here, we are presenting you the best android games for kids -2020. So, let’s begin –

1. Ludo

Ludo game is designed and developed by WorkLooper – Game Development Company and it’s available to download for Android devices from Google Play Store. This game is based on a popular ancient Indian game –Pacheesi. It has a multiplayer mode, online store, and play with friends and more. This game is a treat for both adults and kids.

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2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a juicy affair rather than just a game. It is full of colourful juicy fruits of various kinds. Furthermore, kids can also display the hidden chopping skills of a ninja utilising this game. Again, this game so satisfying that even adults can enjoy that.

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3. Crush-O-Mania

Another beautiful creation by WorkLooper and it is similar to the Fruit ninja game mentioned above but only in respect to Juicy fruits. Unlike fruit ninja which is a slicing game, Crush-O-Mania is a puzzle game where you mix and match to create high scores.

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4. Bear Runner

The bear runner is a Lego-inspired running game for kids. This game is very simple and falls in the hyper-casual games category. This game is simple, interesting, and a must download the game for kids. You have to keep running as long as you can while avoiding the hurdles on the way.

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5. Mekorama

Mekprama is a 3D puzzle game with the tactile feel. This game is so smooth that you can literally feel it. Mekorama is a Fantastic game with cool graphics.

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6. Jumper

The jumper is a neon adventure and neon is love. This game comes with a simple mechanism with cubes and squares where you have to bounce cube on colourful square tiles.

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7. Frisbee Forever 2

Kid’s games are always colourful, fun, and easy-to-play. Frisbee Forever 2 live up to that. It has a colourful and beautiful landscape that kids can enjoy the whole day.

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8. High Flyer

Another hyper-casual adventure game designed and developed by WorkLooper. Like all the hyper-casual games, it is colourful, simple, and kid-friendly. You can choose between a Balloon, Hot-air balloon, and an umbrella to play this game. The game is simple, dodge the obstacles and win the game.

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9. LEGO Tower

There is no replacement for a real Lego Set. Therefore, keeping a backup plan is always a good idea. Lego Tower is a mobile game for kids that gives kids an opportunity to build and create things.

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10. Flying Condor

You must be thinking why there are so many hyper-casual games on this list? Well, because of a simple reason that hyper-casual games like Flying Condor are satisfying and relaxing. In addition, Flying condor is a game where the game is so soothing you will literally feel you are the bird.

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