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ASO Strategies to Effectively Improve App Store Conversion

By December 9, 2019 March 16th, 2020 No Comments
ASO Strategy

There are billions of apps on the App Stores for every need and every day, billions of users use these apps. The number numbers of both – apps and app users are growing exponentially each year. So, if you are a game/app developer and trying to publish a new app or game then this a perfect opportunity. But the question is how you will make your app noticeable and how you will improve App store Conversion.

Just like SEO, ASO (App Store Optimization) has a solution. ASO strategies help an app to pop up more frequently in App Searches. So, in this blog, we will find out the best strategies to effectively improve app store conversions.

How to Improve App Store Conversion?

ASO is like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but on a different playing field. SEO deals with ranking up web pages whereas ASO Deals with the App Stores searches. ASO is used to improve the app ranking and eventually app conversion using various techniques.

However, ASO works differently for both iOS and Android, and we will decode as move further in the blog. So, stay tuned. Here are some effective methods to improve app store conversion.

Self Explanatory Title

App title is one of the most important elements in ASO because it gives your app an identity on an app store. Furthermore, not only it gives an app identity but also improves the app ranking that eventually leads to app store conversion. When it comes to Android and Apple they both have a different approach. For instance, Apple gives you 225 characters for the title whereas Google Play store gives you only 30 characters. So, as an app developer, you should pay extra attention while selecting the title for your app.

Select the Best Keywords

Keywords are very important as these keywords allow users to easily search the app or game. Therefore, always include the best keywords inc the content for better app store conversion. Like App Title, you will get both Android and iOS have different for app description as well. For instance, with Apple, you get 100 characters whereas Android gives you a whopping 4000 characters. You must include most searchable keywords related to your app in the description area.

Tip: do not over optimise it, it might get your app penalised.

Use the Best Quality Screenshots, Promo Video and App Icon

Android or iOS users always go for the best apps with quality content and promising graphics and videos. The quality of screenshots, videos, and content matters and plays a vital role.  If anything doesn’t impress the users they will move on to next Therefore, everything you used must be of high quality to draw the attention of the users.

Some Extra Tips

• Add a preview video for better understanding
• Describe your app well with all the details regarding the app/game
• Pick the right category to serve the right audience
• Encourage positive reviews
• Use App Store Analytics
• Re-evaluate regularly for improvement

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