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A Sneak Peek Into the Game Development in India

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Game Development Company in India

Game development in India is rapidly increasing at a tremendous rate and it is estimated that it’ll grow even further. We have seen games like PUBG and others with a lot of popularity. This game has a strong user-engagement and following in India. The Investors realized that the Indian youth is hungry for world-class games. Therefore, well-renowned companies are investing heavily on events, collaboration and more. This is certainly good news for the game developers and game development in India. It’s safe to say that the gaming industry in India is already in motion and in a few years it’ll only prosper further.

Current State of Game Development in India

India is a growing and emerging economy with a lot of potential and growth. Let’s take an example of Game Development Industry, a few years back there was only a handful of game development companies, and now these companies are crossing 250 mark. Furthermore, there is a rise in game developers and it’s enough to satiate the ongoing hunger of the gaming community. Let’s discuss this topic in detail.

A Suitable Market for Game Development Companies

Big names such as Paytm, Nazar, Nvidia are investing in the Indian gaming industry. India is perfect for the technology-based market because most of India is untouched from these technologies. Therefore, there is a lot of room for the industry to grow and develop. Currently, there are more than 250 game development companies and there are two new start-ups each month. Furthermore, it’s already an 890 billion dollar industry and is expected to reach one billion dollar mark with 628 million users. Evidently, India is the fifth largest countries in terms of game download, according to the reports.

Above statistics are enough the evidence that the gaming industry surely on the right track. Big investors’ means more funds to carry on a project for the industry related expenses which further enhance the quality of the games produced. Furthermore, it will attract the youth to become a game developer to be a part of a large gaming company.

Connection with the Smartphone Industry

Game development is heavily dependent on mobile manufacturers and mobile users. Although, there are many mediums and platforms through which you can play the game but gaming on mobile phones trumps all in many fields if not all.  For instance, the availability and accessibility of mobile phones are higher than the other mediums and platforms. That’s why; we are seeing a sudden rise of mobile game developers in comparison to other platforms. Thanks to the Smartphone industry, most of us now have access to the feature phones that are capable of running most of the games.

Since we are talking about the current state of game development in India, it’s hard to ignore the mobile game development companies in India. Check out our list of top game development companies in India.

Top Game Development Companies in India

Delhi NCR is the hub for Information Technology Sector and you can find world-class IT companies pioneered in the IT sector. For Instance, if you are looking for a game development company in India, Delhi NCR is the best place to look for. Furthermore, Delhi NCR is also known for other IT industries such as Digital Marketing Companies, Graphic Design companies and more. In addition to this, Bangalore and Mumbai also offer great number of mobile game development companies in India. Furthermore, India is also home to some of the most talented mobile game developers. Now, it’s time to talk about the leading game development companies in India –

WorkLooper Consultancy

First, we have WorkLooper Consultancy – a Game Development Company that deals with many sectors of IT. WorkLooper is very efficient when it comes to mobile game development and has a fully-fledged team of professional game developers. They are an in-house game development company as well as they outsource their services to other parties. Interestingly, they also develop games for console devices like PlayStation. WorkLooper is based in Noida NCR and founded by Mr Mohit Arora.

Games – Winchieve, Crush-O-Mania, Unrevealed Stories, and more.


Games2win is a Mumbai based game development company and they are a beast when it comes to casual gaming, simply putting them as one of the largest casual gaming companies in the world. Furthermore, they have a large huge collection of online games. They develop games for the iOS, Android & Kindle app stores. Games2win was founded by Alok Kejriwal.

Games: Cricket 20-20 Ultimate, Driving Academy, School Bus Driver, and more


CreatioSoft was founded by Rishabh Agrawal, Yogendra Pratap Singh in Noida, Delhi NCR. This game development company hosts some of the finest game developers that are proficient in developing games for iPad, iPhone, Android, as well as Windows Mobile.

Games – Bingo, Run Moolah Run, Catch the Bull, Night Surfers, and More

Apar Games

Apar Games was established by Laxmi Khanolkar in Mumbai in the year 2007.  This company is an extension of Apar Global Pvt. Ltd. They develop games for consoles, and PCs as well as games for mobile phones. Apar Games is one of the best mobile development companies in India.

Games: It’s Dicey, Empire of a Billionaire, Scribbled Arena, Crime Mystery, and more.


DigiKhel has only one motive in mind – quality over quantity. Interestingly, DigiKhel is run by an independent game developer, Joel Johnson in Banglore. He is also the founder of the DigiKhel and he loves to design online mobile games. Furthermore, he provides support and helps with coding and other mobile game development assistance. Games: Orion’s Gold, Rewind, Comikaze, and Coptaah

Geek Mentor Studios

Geek Mentor Studios is an emerging mobile game development company. They are expert in developing hybrid mobile games, port games to another platform and more. : Mohd Shah Nawaz, Mohd. Faisal is the founder of Geek Mentor Studios. Geek Mentor Studios is a Noida based mobile game development company.

Games – iRunDilli, School Skip, Mathken, Go Fun Yourself and more.



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