A Quick Guide to Setting up Woocommerce

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Guide to Setting up Woocommerce

WordPress is a powerful and on one of the most popular website builder in the world. It has been used by celebrities, brands and companies extensively for creating an online presence. Furthermore, it is quite effective for blogging and portfolios. Over the years, a majority of developers are heavily dependent on WordPress. Now, we all know that WordPress excels at everything and let’s talk about eCommerce from WordPress – WooCommerce. Here, we will give you a closer look for setting up WooCommerce. Let’s begin –

Setting up WooCommerce

Get a Self-Hosting Website

The WooCommerce resolved eCommerce problem for WordPress and now it is one of the best eCommerce builders. This eCommerce builder is a completely online platform builder and comes with hundreds of themes, templates and more. So, in order to get your eCommerce website, you need to have a running and self-hosted website. There are various companies partnered with the eCommerce builder to where you get it pre-installed and a lot more.

Install WordPress on Your System

Now, if you are set and ready you can begin setting up WooCommerce by installing free WordPress software. Install the software on the system successfully and lay the foundation of your next project. There are many companies that offer one-click installation and installation process only takes 5 minutes. In any case, you are not getting it then you can directly download it from WordPress from the

Select a Theme

Great, now, you have successfully installed WordPress on your system and now you are ready for the next stage. It’s time to select a theme for your eCommerce website. Interestingly, there are hundreds of themes available for your website; you can either go for free ones or the paid ones. Furthermore, there are many companies that provide WooCommerce optimized themes that work perfectly with the eCommerce builder.

WooCommerce Account Activation

Lastly, you have to create an account on WooCommerce as you already have running and working self-hosted website. There are three ways to successfully activating the WooCommerce account. Let’s check out the final part of setting up WooCommerce –

  • Create an account on WooCommerce .com and and then select an appropriate option out of three. Now, select from Download the zip file and do it yourself, a pre-installed solution with a trusted host or Auto-installing the eCommerce builder, if you have a WordPress website already.
  • Next, download the WooCommerce plug-ins on and click on the dashboard option on your website. After clicking on the dashboard, click on plug-ins and then add new. Now, click on Upload then upload and install the plug-in.
  • Search for more plug-ins on your website by clicking on the dashboard then click on plug-ins and then add new. Now, click on Search Plug-ins and type WooCommerce and then install and activate.


Follow these points precisely the way they are mentioned for a successful WooCommerce activation. In addition to that, you can install Extensions. Extensions are small programs that can do anything. We hope that you are now able to set up the eCommerce builder without any trouble. So, contact us for amazing IT solutions & services.

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